Dominating the Clinch

The clinch is one of the fundamentals of stand up fighting, often overlooked as we strive for better striking and in the pursuit of finishes and submissions. Having a great clinch game is so important in controlling confrontations for self defence applications or transitioning between striking and takedowns.

This instructional focusses on the arm drag…getting it to work and tips for putting you in control.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Arm Drag Basics Vol 1. Drills and Choke Finishes

    • Dominating the Clinch - Arm Drag Intro

    • Arm Drag Basics

    • Drill 1 - From Hooks

    • Drill 2 - From Pummelling

    • Finishes - Short choke and Long choke

Start dominating the clinch

Drill your arm drag so you're finding it everywhere. Restrain 'em. Take 'em down. Throw 'em.