Why this course is for you!

Do you want to improve your Jab - Land it more often, be more accurate; make it a deterrent.

If you are finding your jab is easy to read or not getting the power you want, working the bag is a great place to start!!

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Why develop your jab?

There are lots of types of jabs, so where do you start? Working the bags is a great way to test them all. This course takes 7 jab variations and integrates them into your bag workouts. Not only will your jab improve but you'll get all your combinations work behind it. We will show you structure and mechanics, angles and entries, fakes and variation to get you hitting harder, more accurately, and with better success.

This 7 Jab Course includes

  • 1

    Intro to Developing a World Class Jab on the bag

    • Introduction and what's in the course

    • Bag work safety Briefing

    • Jab 1 Single Jab

    • Jab 2 Double Jab

    • Jab 3 Angle Jab

    • Jab 4 Rear hand switch

    • Jab 5 Push / Mask Jab

    • Jab 6 Short Jab

    • Jab 7 Fake Hook Jab

    • Bonus - the drive by

    • Full Integration Rounds - Multiple Jabs in a single Round

Bonus material

  • 'Drive by' behind the jab

    Entries and follow-ups.

  • Example rounds

    Integrating multiple entries behind the jab


Jeff Bleathman

Hi, I'm Jeff Bleathman
I'm a coach of over 30 years experience across multiple sports including swimming, rugby and martial arts.

My passion has always been martial arts and fight training and I have continually cross trained to find what's truly functional.

I established Fight Shack in 2016 after a lifetime of combining a busy professional and family life with contact sports, fitness and conditioning training, and coaching. There has been so much fun along the way - mistakes have been made and its been exhausting at times - but hugely rewarding. Fight Shack Online is my way of bringing some of that experience to you to help with your training, motivation and achieving your goals.

I’m a Black Belt under Guro Bob, and a pioneer of his incredible 4D system. I'm also a Level 1 coach in Combat Submission Wrestling under Coach Erik Paulson, Blue belt in Judo under Paul Jones School of Judo and part of the Legit Pro Wrestling Catch Coach License program under Coach Chris Crossnan.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions here:

Here's what you get.....

  • 7 Jab variations explained including videos, tips and advice

  • Examples for integrating and varying Jab work on the bag

  • Bonus entries and combinations from the jab

Let's get training!

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