Welcome to the Fight Shack Shadow Boxing Course

Whether you’re looking to get fit, improve your technique, or develop news skills, shadow boxing does it all.

Shadow Boxing is one of my favourite ways to train.   A great way to work on movement and flow, it can be adapted to suit any part of your workout, and in my opinion its the best way to train to music!

Use it one day to focus on footwork development, and the next day to try out combinations.   Go with intensity for a full on workout, or slow and easy for a flow based dynamic warm down.   Its never the same workout twice.

This shadow boxing course features more than 4.5 hrs of clips, tips, and training advice to develop all aspects of your shadow boxing.

Originally, the course was borne out of lockdown and putting together some home workout advice for the guys training at Fight Shack but then it started to grow and grow!   There's more that I could include, and in the future there will be add ons for workout videos and plans that you can train along to, but this is a great starting point for covering all the basics.

The course includes:

  • Defence and Evasion 
  • Striking and Combinations
  • Simple Integration Drills
  • Footwork - Lets get moving
  • Timelines and Rhythm changes 
  • Self Defence Options
  • Drills - Get a sweat on
  • Ways to Train 

The emphasis is to get you moving and to work basic skills and techniques that will build confidence.

One of the things that I have noticed is that people often feel embarrassed or self conscious when they think about shadow boxing.  If you are just starting out don’t now where to begin, this course was designed with you in mind.   Work your way around the clips and follow the tips to get basics down.   Then start joining up techniques when you feel more confident.

If you’re looking for a workout there are plenty of example combinations in there too.

The great thing is, you can work it all at home, in the garden, on the road….basically anywhere with a square metre or more of space.

Take it down the gym and test yourself by making sure that people can see you.   Get people watching …trust me, they wish they could do it too!

If you’re a coach or instructor running a club, the course is structured like a syllabus.    Feel free to work it through with your students and let me know how you get on.

Use it as training tool.  Use it as a syllabus.  Use it for fitness.  Use it as a coaching aid.

Above al though, have fun.  It’s all absurd really, and we only get one lap of the track.

Peace and Love 


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This fantastic shadow boxing course

Would normally sell at £99, we recognise we've just come out of another lockdown and want to get you moving!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Shadow Boxing - How to Build it, Develop it and Train it

    • Shadow Boxing Intro

  • 2

    Module 1 Defence

    • First Principles & Basics - Intoduction

    • Moving You

    • Slip and Split

    • Bob and Weave

    • Tick Tock

    • Shoulder Roll

    • Defensive Framing

    • Hand Positions

    • Putting it altogether

  • 3

    Module 2 Striking Skills - On the Spot Development

    • Intro to Striking Module

  • 4

    Combination Punching

    • Intro

    • Stance

    • Head Offline

    • Building through Jab, Cross, Hook

    • Hand Speed

    • Straight Blast

  • 5


    • Intro

    • Front Kick with rear leg

    • Front Foot jab - Teep

    • Round Kick

    • Side Kick and Step in Side Kick

    • Spinning Side Kick

  • 6


    • Long Knee

    • Short Knee

  • 7


    • RHR Elbow

    • HRH Elbow

    • Jab H Half Beat

  • 8


    • Basic and 5 Combos

  • 9

    Putting it all Together

    • Putting it altogether

  • 10

    Module 3 - Simple Integration - Combining Defence & Attack

    • Intro

  • 11

    On the Spot Drills for Integration

    • Bob and Weave to Attack by combination (ABC)

    • Slip to Split and triples

    • Slip to Bob and Weave ABC

    • Tick Tock to hook, uppercut, hook

    • Shoulder roll to ABC

    • Box to ABC from Jab-Cross-Hook

    • Catch and return - Jab-Catch-Jab

  • 12

    Module 4 - Let's Get Moving! Footwork Drills

    • Intro to Let's Get Moving

  • 13

    Getting Around

    • Walk the Circle

    • Traverse

  • 14

    Small adjustments

    • Drag Step

    • Pivot

  • 15

    Getting In and Out

    • L Step

    • Slide and Step

    • Kali Footwork - Triangles

  • 16

    Module 5 Timelines & Rhythm Changes

    • Intro to Timelines & Rhythm Changes

  • 17

    Varying the Timeline

    • Snap Back

    • Snap back and return

    • Drive by

    • Slide and step to drive by

  • 18

    Working on the half beat

    • Cover to hammer half beat

    • Cross to hammer

    • Box Parry to half beat and ABC

  • 19

    Jamming and Crushing

    • Knee jamming

    • Crush and check

    • Rear front oblique and Front leg side check

  • 20

    Module 6 Self Defence Options

    • Intro to Self Defence Options

  • 21

    Transitions to clinch, throws and takedowns

    • Box to back sweep

    • Box to headlock throw & Box to underhook and hip throw

    • Box to overhook and guillotine

    • Box to underhook and knee

    • Box to Arm Drag and follow ups

    • Box to Parry to 2 on 1

    • Parry to arm break

  • 22

    Module 7 - Drilling and Conditioning

    • Intro - How to use the drill module

  • 23

    Polish your skills and get a sweat on

    • Jab Cross

    • Cross Hook Cross

    • Double Jab drag step

    • Jab Cross Step in

    • Cross Hook Cross Step kick

    • Round kick

    • Cut kick

    • Elbow DHD

    • Jab Elbow HDH

    • Jab Half Beat Hammer CH

    • Cross Hammer Hook Cross

    • Bob and Weave ABC

    • Split Triples

    • Tick Tock

    • Shoulder Roll, Parry & Lift to CHC

    • Box Cross-Shovel Hook-Cross

    • Triangle to Long Knee

    • Side Kick

    • Typewriter

    • Slip Uppercut Hook

    • Outside Slip Uppercut Hook

    • Outside Slip Uppercut Cross vs Cross

    • Cover Hammer Pivot

    • Cover Hammer Hang

    • Box Half Beat ABC

    • Jab Catch

    • Knee and Crush

    • Clinch and Knee

    • Traverse

    • Back sweep

    • Turn In

  • 24

    Module 8 Shadow Boxing

    • Getting Started and Training Options

  • 25

    Doing the Rounds - How to develop your game

    • Warm up, Blow Out, or Warm Down? - Training Modes

    • Workout Options - Ideas for Training Programs

    • Fillers

    • Training Round Example

    • Training to music

    • Music warm down

    • Music warm down 2

    • Final Thoughts

    • Fight Shack Shadow Boxing Workout Example 1

    • Fight Shack Shadow Boxing Workout Example 2

    • Fight Shack Shadow Boxing Workout Example 3

  • 26

    Top Tips Section - All the 'Top Tips' clips in one place

    • Top Tip Slip

    • Top Tip Shoulder Roll

    • Top Tip Bob and Weave

    • Top Tip Parrying

    • Top Tip Front Kick

    • Top Tip Rear front kick

    • Top Tip Rear round kick

    • Top Tip Snap kick

    • Top Tips Round kick

    • Top Tip Side Kick

    • Top Tip Spinning

    • Top Tip long knee

    • Top Tip Short knee

    • Top Tip Elbows

Are you ready?

To build, train and develop your shadow boxing game?